Young People

God is calling young people to turn the age


We must see that all the persons who were called by God to carry out His up-to-date move were young men. This does not mean that God would not use an older person or that God does not love the older ones. But the Scriptures reveal that all the persons who were called by God were young ones.

There is always something new to be worked out by God. God calls young people to carry out His move because, generally speaking, young people are not set, settled, or occupied.

The Holy Spirit is now working and moving in the hearts of the children of God for the carrying out of His move. He is ready, but He is waiting for some people to cooperate with Him.

If you would be so fresh, young, and new with the Lord, He would have a way to carry out His new move through you. This is why the Lord said in Luke 18:17, ” Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child shall by no means enter into it. ” A little child, not filled with and occupied by old concepts, can easily receive a new thought. Hence, people need to receive the kingdom of God as a new thing, with an unoccupied heart, like a little child.

(Excerpts from A Young Man in God’s Plan by Witness Lee)


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